Soft-ERP, your Solution Partner

Soft-ERP  has an essential repository for the integrated management of all components of the enterprise information system. SERP-Sys remains the most comprehensive and most affordable ERP that is on the marke; it offers both the traditional licencing model and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Through its specification modules and its engine of application customization and interactive generation, SERP-Sys provides unlimited openness to specific needs and a great ability to adapt to changes.
Designed, developed and implemented by a multidisciplinary team of experts including architects, analysts and developers, who have mostly over 20 years of experience, SERP-Sys integrates, end to end, the value chain of many customers from different sectors and industries.

Our Vocation

Soft-ERP has a multidisciplinary team of expertsincluding software architects,  and developers who can accompany the customer throughout the project,  "Information System" life cycle, namely:
  • Analysis of the existing system(s),
  • Design and development of customized applications,
  • Acquisition of suitable software solutions,
  • Solutions integration, data conversion  and integration,
  • Development of business intelligence systems (BI solutions).


SERP-Sys ERP system integrate Now many domains:

  • SERP-Sys*Value, value chain processe of the enterprise,
  • SERP-Sys*HR, Human Resources,
  • SERP-Sys*CFI, Financial and Accounting,
  • SERP-Sys*EMG, Logistics,
  • SERP-Sys*DECIS, Operational or Strategic Decision Making.
  • SERP-Sys*RAD, Framework for prototyping and Rapid Application Development (RAD).


 We are currently looking for regional partners to ensure regional representation of our brands and the distribution of our products:

Partnerships in one country can also be established in consultation with regional partners.
Our products are available in mono and bi-lingual with interfaces supporting the following languages:
German, English, Arabic, Spanish, FrenchItalian, and Portuguese ...

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